Ying Chi LAM


My works focus mainly on three-dimensional art forms considered as sculptures or installations, which carry organic or abstract forms revealing the materials’ quality, and constructing logic. They are made from soft, light, and flexible materials and objects such as cable ties, rubble sacks, clothes-pegs, tarpaulin covers, net fabric, clay, tapes, and pipe insulations. The experimental processes involve in hand skills like folding, cutting, sticking, combining, layering, and coiling.

My main concepts are being creative, inventive, and playful to reveal new ways of making and looking at existing objects, materials, and sculptures. The form of my work appears through the approaches and processes of its creation, of which the choice of material is the most important. My criteria for selecting material or object should be easily accessible, inexpensive, mass-produced, and unusual for sculptural making. Every material comes with its own procedure, capacity, and peculiarities of language and vocabulary. I identified and discovered the interrelationship between these materials. They were further combined and transformed into light and soft three-dimensional pieces that could support each other and stand by themselves under gravity.

I imagine myself as an explorer and inventor in the field of using unconventional materials and objects to construct new type of sculptural work. I attempt to develop a sensitivity to materiality to create art piece which carry a unique formation, peculiarity and demonstrates inventiveness. I think of practice as process, material as significant, colour as additive, space and scale as physical and psychological manipulation.