Vervina Henry

Colourful Layers

Identity is the focus of my practice, and it is a very interesting subject to look into when looking at all the layers hidden inside a person, but is sometimes a challenge to see them without misjudging that person appearance wise.

My work visually consists of four of my inner personalities which are part of my inner self, with the intention to show what is actually underneath my identity that is judged by other people on what they see on the outside. This has been constructed through my alter ego called Nági; she represents my feelings, emotions, thoughts and my culture and I am discovering more about my Japanese cultural background through her, as I am part Japanese on my Father’s side of the family. This feels like a wide gap within my self from lacking some understanding of this culture, but through the process I am also exploring my different behaviour and personalities that form when being around others.

Through performances, film work and installations my work builds relations to other individual’s awareness of their own identity and makes them think how do other people judge them, and how would they judge or assume another individual; then later on gradually seeing how different layers of that individual’s identity unravel through different circumstances. Example, through hobbies or social events.

With interactive-video performance and installation I will visually unveil what is actually underneath my identity that is misjudged by other people on what they see on the outside; this is a very important part of identity because culture is our background and roots of where we come from, and without knowing where we come from there are gaps left behind within ourselves. I am hoping for people to understand and relate to the layers of my true identity and to appreciate the small layers of themselves.