Thomas van der Meulen

Atemporal Universe

My piece explores the state of ‘painting’ in the increasingly digital screen centric time period in which we live in. I use paint in a heterogeneous way by bringing common imagery alongside pixels and shapes found on electronic screens, into the critical frame of contemporary painting. My work can be described as ‘A-temporal’; painting that has entered an unrestricted arena where all forms and periods of art can coexist at once taking influence from a range of sources. My paintings show the effect technologic platforms have on imagery; they eradicate any uniqueness or identity because they display images using an identical web of pixels and processes that encourage quick passive consumption. This loss of unique identity is further highlighted in my work with the use of identical digitally made and printed banners. There is a tension within my work between digital and paint that highlights and critiques the qualities of both mediums. My work and its absence of specificity emphasizes that painting is not reactionary or separate from more modern ways of creating, but instead holds an important beneficial relationship with them. A relationship that helps us understand technology and painting better.