Tabitha Thompson


Heyyy wuu2
Not much rly, writing a statement for degree show
Saaame not much
R u writing or ‘writing’
bit of both, some scrolling too
hahahaha sme

I have seen ppl online call their bodies flesh prisons, which is both stereotypically hyperbolic n also very abject. And whilst I read their tumblr posts my own immortal flesh slips out of me and spills into url. My practice is largely informed by digital culture, principally social media networks that incite oversharing, and the human hierarchy which comes with that. This concept of categorising users into watchers and watched enables a divide between narcissistic and voyeuristic behaviour. This co-dependency has motivated much of my practice, which comprises of amorphous forms and fantasy narratives, each slipping into the other, questioning how the shift from fleshy to fleshless has altered our shared identity and our responses to one another in this habitat.
So it’s about url?
Yeah, but how we use url irl. And tbh where is the line between url and irl anyway
Yh ha its weird. Like I’ve spent a few hours reading things online and watching YouTube but it doesn’t feel like im doing anything cos its url but if url is irl and irl is url then what is happening where am I what am I doing???