Sophie Waller

Significant Other

I am an artist who specialises in installations, often both sculptural and photographic. I am very interested in and therefore continually exploring the connection between the size of a settlement and its relationship to the natural world. Robert MacFarlane’s ‘A Counter-Desecration Phrasebook’ analyses the loss of language of the natural world and it’s resulting loss of both connection and care. I strive to analyse not just the effect of this disassociation and disenchantment of ours on the rest of the natural world, but also on ourselves and our collective future. A main concern dealt with in my projects is looking at the Anthropocene, a supposed epoch that begins when humans significantly affect the earth’s ecosystems. In our current anthropogenic state we have to actively counteract the effects we are having on our planet just by existing the way we do in this modern age.

With my final exhibition Significant Other, I am furthering my interests in settlements, and the honey-bee, combining them to evoke a sense of participation in the viewer, in order to reflect our influence on one another. In creating our own private zones, we have widened the separation, and left that outside vulnerable, viewing it all as resource, a standing reserve. With will in place of diminished wonder, Significant Other will restore enchantment, allowing our own thoughts to be mysteries instead of service-providers.