Sarah Coe

Part 1: Sims 4 Paintings, Part 2: Sims 4 Body

Part 1:
Figures out how to make a ‘Sims 4 painting’ a reality. To recreate the process seen in the game (by directing a Sim to paint on a canvas), a variety of people act on behalf of the Sims, by painting copies of the Sims 4 paintings. The humans and Sims both paint from a pre-selected group of ‘artworks’ found within the game. However, human quirks undoubtedly seep into the paintings and the transition from the clean Sims 4 to Reading University isn’t perfect. “Avatars are uncanny doubles, meant for a function that human beings would or could hardly perform.” I am reversing that process.

Part 2:
As the human body is brought into the simulated world, quirks and certain bodily features are lost. Part 1: Sims 4 Paintings looks towards taking the virtual into reality. Part 2: Sims 4 Body is a looking back into what we lose when taking from the real world and transferring it into a virtual world.

The overall aim within both the artworks is to create union between the real materials and the virtual subject matter.