Samuel Woodhouse

Dark Star, Deep Field, Nightglow

My work this year has been focused on moving away from the human scale and moving into a more monolithic mode of address whilst incorporating multiple forms of media, mixing painting, writing and filmmaking. The visual elements of my work explore large natural structures in space, namely stars, which are at the edge of intuitive human understanding. The written sections of my work are concerned with creating narratives that relate to and supplement the visual. Art and science are expressions of the same trait: creativity. Reconciling these differing languages through the use of scientific images and themes within an artistic context is at the core of my work. The pieces are situated in two locations: studio 4 and on the show reel in the lecture theatre. They don’t have to be seen together but they are related to one another and the relationship between the different forms of media strengthens the piece as a whole, communicating a range of ideas that couldn’t be as extensively explored in a single medium.