Puneet Bhachu

The Final Piece

The Final Piece is an amalgamation of concepts explored throughout my higher The Final Piece deals with the concept of institutionalisation. The work is an amalgamation of ideas explored throughout my higher education trajectory, incorporating the notion of profound boredom and alienation via a documentary-style video and text on screen. Concerning processes within scholastic institutions, such as, producing artwork in order to achieve a grade rather than for self-fulfilment, led my practice to focus on institutional critique. The mark scheme provided by the art school is used as a framework to create this piece, thus meeting relevant criteria set by the art institution. Theoretically, this should lead to a ‘good’ (albeit a frequently used, but frivolous term, when discussing art) art work. Similar to The Dark Object, a novel critical of the dematerialisation of the art object, The Final Piece is critical of the way in which art schools operate in terms of grading, and what constitutes towards ‘good’ art. Other institutions, such as race, are explored in the video, while multiple voices give their separate accounts. This, combined with the text on screen, augments the ambiguity of the ‘real’ voice, which encourages the viewer to come to his or her own interpretation of institutionalisation.