Pam Rose Cott

Feed The Root, The Voice and the Egg, The World is Mental

Pam Rose Cott is a performance artist and creator of Feed The Root podcast, Episodes 4 ‘The Voice and the Egg’ and 5 ‘The World is Mental’ are available to listen to on my website, or experience them first hand as performance art workshops at Condensed Milk. Each night we relive the unconscious mind wrapped safe and secure in the darkness of our beds much as we did in our mother’s wombs. ‘The Voice and the Egg’ is a realisation of this, and encourages you to go home and relive the womb experience while listening in bed at night. ‘The World is Mental’ is an image of our world envisioned through varied perceptions from all conscious minds inside the third and fourth dimensions. My aim is to infect viewers with a dissatisfaction with societal presentations and perceptions of knowledge, through participation in, and personal production of, fringe mediums like sci-fi performance art.