Olivia Quinn

Music Moods

Art Therapy is a process that can be used as a recovery for people suffering mental illnesses. Through the use of media and colour, art practise can confront negative thoughts and feelings that may be overwhelming, and to instead, control them. My final piece has combined my research into how emotions, which people would struggle to verbalize, can instead be visualized through art.

I set a commencement time of 4pm each day for one painting which will be created whilst listening to music for a fixed period of one hour, stopping whether the painting is finished or not. The music will be a collection of various genres from iTunes top selections.  I have found since being on the art course, producing art has become less of a therapeutic process, unlike its role in art therapy, and more of a forced thought process. Expanding the ‘forced’ nature my work takes, I decided to construct this process for myself, painting consecutively each day in responding only to music. My final piece(s) is a combination of my exhibitions and the analysis into art as a therapeutic process and how triggering emotions can affect colours, materials and markings made.