Myrto Tsokka


My work explores the edge of the human body to the point which overcomes its limitations and becomes accepted for its uniqueness and variations. Some are cultural, some political and some sexual. I embrace the concept of sensuality and beauty by transforming, metamorphosing and deconstructing the human figure to the point which is non recognizable. I discuss the complexity with which in a way the body is represented in comparison with how it can become a tool of representation; The Body Representation as a political tool and the impact outside the art world.

A part of me has always been interested in the human body. To start I tried to explore and understand the meaning of the human body back in Ancient History. Starting with Classical Greece which was a culture that sought perfection and harmony, their art was fascinated with the depiction of the human form, nudity and uniqueness of it.

Some of my pieces are photographs that are created after as sculpted forms. By photographing the naked bodies and afterwards creating them in sculptures the relationship between them becomes abstracted from its human reference. Through this series of work I reassign and simplify the body to go beyond the limitation of its appearance. What’s interesting with the specific sculptures is the fact that the human forms are transformed into something distorted and monstrous. The ‘secret’ behind each figure is revealed within the deconstruction and representation of the new forms. By constructing new ones, illusionary or not, my sculptures ‘speak out’ against categorization and objectification.