Murtaza Murad

Proxy Surveillance

The song lyrics and paintings act as a medium to present one’s inner most desires manifesting into surreal compositions. Within the painting Ephemeral Home, there is phallic visceral imagery and the red swirls in the sky connote eyes through surveillance and the blood of the working class. Paintings are an ancient medium that allow visual depth to create intricate life size dystopias. The audio will act as a liminal space in order to project the concept of cognitive dissonance. Plugged In the intention was to personify the daily anxiety of being watched through electronic devices. Xkeyscore is a formerly top secret CIA program which analyses global internet data, after the unveiling of its creation we can almost guarantee that someone is watching our every move. One can stare into the irises and notice that there are lenses inside, you may believe you hold all the power with the surging wifi running through your device, but big brother is watching you. The post-human millennial is depicted to be too consumed with tasks of everyday life and technology to notice or even care. The ring on one of the illustrated hands has lenses within the central eye, evoking the appearance of diamonds. The oozing viscous blood from the hand connotes the sinister reality of the corruption and human rights abuses synonymous with the ‘blood diamond’ industry.