Molly Harcombe


The urge to escape from one reality into another is so prevalent within the human experience, that it materialises as a widespread facet of the media we consume. Lush fictional narratives that allow for total immersion, bizarre yet untrustworthy real-life actualities that induce paranoia within individuals as to what is true, conflicting timelines of events in what should be reliable and unbiased news outlets, technology that allows the complete embodiment of another space. These experiences create an environment where all realities are equally false, and escapism becomes more omnipresent. My work highlights escapist tendencies and allows for viewers to consider its effects. Viewers can momentarily dwell in fabricated environments that exist in the future, in the ancient past, in alien worlds, in alternate timelines, or outside of time completely. The installations present artefacts from these other realities, inviting the viewer to pursue an escape from their immediate present. Through this act, my aim is that viewers become aware of their innate desire for distraction in fantasy and consider the impact of this behaviour and whether it may be healing or detrimental.   (E)(g)(g)s is a cluster of pleasuredomes made from emergency foil blankets. The blankets create a one-way-mirror for viewing people inside the domes. Inside the are a variety of environments including viewing stations, crystal caves, flashing patterned lights and golden portals. The work behaves as a physical area in which viewers can exit the gallery for a while and enter a constellation of self-contained heterotopias, allowing them to consider the nature of escapism and the role it plays in our correct socio-political landscape.