Lauren Holder

Animabus Condemnabitur

Looking closely into the body, female and male, you can conclude that it is nothing more than a vessel for the human soul. The torment that the soul can receive throughout is lifetime is reflected onto the vessel and thus it can become worn, weak and pathetic. It distorts itself and becomes something completely alien, where identity can no longer exist. Studying people, in their day-to-day lives has opened a window if opportunities and inspiration for the series of drawings, each with their own aura, each with their own identities, yet it is no longer clear who these people or bodies are. Whether it was through severe starvation or the more ‘mundane’ stresses of modern life, child birth, poverty, or earning money, the way these pressures and stresses effect our health and mental wellbeing is scarring, carved into our flesh. Throughout history bodies have been documented, perceived and re-imagined, but these drawings/paintings will recreate the vessel for the soul, so they can be seen and heard. Although conventionally the body and spirit are separate in religion and philosophy, my work explores the way they interact or intersect, for instance the way pain operates on both a physical and psychological register, reimagining the way the body signals internal trauma on the outside. The internal strife that every person experiences through life eats away at them until they are nothing but an empty vessel.