Kleio Kramvi

The Self I Krave

The Self I Krave, is a relatively new project that started several months ago when I was firstly encouraged by my tutor and colleges to try performing. Having Performance as the platform, the marriage of Contemporary Dance and Contemporary Art emerged with references to theories on Visual Aesthetics and Affects such as those of Silvia Tomkins’ Theory of Affect and Laura Malvey’s study of the Film industry.

It all started as she was trying to express herself and her deepest qualities by illustrating the female body through printing when she found herself drawn into the muted but perverting habit of her past, contemporary dance.

Through these current performances she is able to reach the ultimate bond of her body and spirit, right there, right in front of you. This body, a female body, craves to be all that it is in its own skin freed from stereotypes. When it is exposed, none of its qualities can be doubted; strength, softness, weaknesses and charisma.

She has the need to simplify her body because this is how she feels in it when she carries it around.

Although it is female, it is equally strong and attractive as all others.

It is biologically alive. ‘She’ is an organism that in order to live it has to breathe. And there you have it, as simple as that, she has a body that breathes in order to live.