Kalina Kalcheva

Conyxol by MEDICULT

Conyxol by MEDICULT explores representations of narrative by universalising alienating experiences; creating a mythological narrative and placing it as normative. Conyxol is a pharmaceutical product used by inter-dimensional couples who want to exist on the same plane. The user of Conyxol binds the essence of their partner to their body for 6 weeks, and their other half manifests in their dimension at the completion of the process. I was interested in presenting a hermetic tone as promotional through a combination of medicine, occultism, advertising and science fiction. The style of the video satirizes the language of advertising while also using it to double as a symbol for contemporary society and public understanding of science and medicine, which is contrasted with the use of alchemical imagery and underlying themes of occultism, associating them with past understanding of these subjects. Conyxol may be a product from a fictional universe but for me it relates to our limited, rigidly categorized, normative understanding of the world and its possibilities.