Holly Shoesmith

s(PIT), We Made [You] a Body

There are two bodies with bowls of water. Into the water they are spitting, they are drinking, they are almost drowning. One says to the other:

“I have a real sense of the below, like-” [BELOW THE WATER]

“Yeah, like something dimensional-”

“Yeah, below the water-”

It is sad because they do not know how to communicate THE BELOW without the use of normative language and yet, THE BELOW is destroyed through normative language because it exists outside of it.

s(PIT) is a live sound installation using a DIY instrument and a water pit. The instrument is comprised of a bowl of water and a contact microphone. It is played by gargling, spitting and bubbling into the water, creating a cacophony of bodily, watery sounds. These gestures form an allegory for the abject as spit leaves the body and taints the water within. Normative language uses belie the body, destroying multiplicity. Bodies become reduced down to binary concepts which erase, subvert or pervert multiplicities in neurology, sexuality, gender and race identity. s(PIT) contains an urgent attempt to undo this homogenized alienation through unintelligible sound. The instrument will be performed live around the water pit which will magnify and mutate the sounds created. s(PIT) will culminate in a complete water submersion open to everyone.