Helen Cripps


Within my paintings I have experimented with several processes and techniques to create distinct textures and moods in order to develop my own painting language, which includes the use of metaphors and the appropriation of existing imagery. I have done this to ensure a relationship between the materiality of the paint and the concept of the paintings, which centres around many notions and sensations experienced during my time in therapy.

The work has progressed because I realised it was important to show every stage of the process of psychotherapy in the paintings, rather than just focusing on one feeling. So the paintings are a conglomeration of multiple perspectives, multiple feelings and each stage of the process of dealing with certain issues such as trauma and other life experiences.

The paintings have a certain liveliness in their crowdedness which is intended to capture the viewer’s attention. So much of therapy is about confronting issues within yourself, so the viewer is confronted with a large volume of different images. It is my aim for them to feel something but to not be able to look away.