Frances Grazier

Internal Landscape

My work primarily uses fabric in the place of skin, both with its physical properties such as behaving as a fluid, malleable container that surrounds the human form and what it represents as a liminal space enclosing the body. It is neither part of the body or its outside surroundings. It is both to display and conceals. These ideas have been used within clothing to suggest that it is both part of the body and foreign. Occupying a position at both sides of a threshold, the fabric’s liminality creates a level of ambiguity within the subject. Empty clothing remains in shape as though it were worn, evoking and defining a past presence just as a footprint would. Through entering this space, there is an element of invasion, entering a space which normally would not be entered without the consent of an individual that is now absent.

Recently, the work has progressed to a virtual state, leaving behind physical materials and using 3D digital sculpture to mimic the internal landscape of clothing. 3D digital sculpture has enabled the work to become more immersive through the use of Virtual Reality headsets that allow the viewer to enter and be guided through the clothing.

The trace; the idea of a presence marked through an absence. My work is Influenced by Derrida’s definition of the trace and Deleuze’s fold, concentrating on the inversion of internal spaces and the private domestic space becoming public and external. These ideas have been emphasized through the use of fabric and clothing. Denim has specifically been used as a fabric that is easily recognisable, globally used in fashion amongst both genders.