Dominique Green


Photography, film and sculpture have been used to examine both the physical and mental exploration of particular temporal and geographical locations. Through the superimposition of multiple layers of media, illusory dimensions are created, melting into one another in order to manifest and explore new media ecosystems.

Microbiome incorporates sculptural objects and digital imagery to produce a world that hovers between physical and virtual reality. 3D prints, resin and clay sculptures stem from digital recordings of previously existing environments. Digital media is then used to explore physical objects and sculptural forms, examining materiality through various effects and processes.

These objects become alternative micro-landscapes of their own through the combination of artificial, natural and digital materials. Hyper-real environments where all material becomes abstracted from its original context to create new virtual realities entirely removed from their referents in the physical world. A reinvention of matter by exploring the repetition and regeneration of space, thinking about how digital technology can supplement our understanding of the world around us.