Daisy Evans

Moon Dew: The Witch Victorious

Deeply imbedded, Catholic guilt strives for unobtainable moral standards such as shitting rose pellets and pissing lavender oil. The figure of the Virgin is, at its core, deeply misogynistic; a mother who is holy as she has not defiled herself with sex, with filthy humanity. Young women internalise a desire to be virtuous, refusing to acknowledge their sexuality, afraid of being too loud and aggressive, too present.

Then there is this bitch. Then there is the Witch. The Witch is the embodiment of feminine power, its castrating capabilities, and the fear thereof. Moon Dew: The Witch Victorious is a rite in celebration of self-acceptance and self-love. Women are at the forefront of this revolution: virtue is no longer a bargaining chip or an indication of our worth. Our bodies will not be treated as commodities dirtied by the touch of others.