Claire Timmerman

Maisie, Pam, Thicket

By layering personal memories and fictive details I transpose personal experience into fictitious scenes but also draw attention to the fact that memories are fictive in their nature. The perspective of the owner will always dominate the re-presentation of a memory therefore it can never be substantiated in reality or relay true events. Through using oil paint, I use paint processes as a metaphor utilising the inconsistency of thick and visceral layers, illustrating the convoluted feelings I experience with my own past. Thin diaphanous layers fade in and out while others resolve into thicker more solid gestures, alluding to the contest between details within memory that are substantial and others that are unclear. My practice aims to unite the two subjects of my degree, as my research centres around the representations of space-time and the constructions of biographical fiction within both literary and art canons.