Chloe Skyrme

Heidegger's Imagination

‘Man is a spirit that possesses a mind and lives in a body.’

My work throughout the four years has been a continual commentary on human condition. Human condition cannot exist without the body or the mind, hence the importance of concluding my overall practice with exploring the concept of Duality. This is the infamous philosophical discussion that disputes whether the mind and body can be divided into two separated entities. Philosopher René Descartes holds similar beliefs to the notion of Dualism, ‘I am distinct from my body, and can exist without it’. Descartes sees the mind as a real thing, distinct from the body.

By distinctly stressing colour and the human form, my work explores two very separate components that allows it to lend itself in the exploration of Dualism. Therefore, my work aims to objectify the body and mind viewing them as two separate entities achieved through colour. Each piece contains a unique way of exploring of Dualism to imitate its arguments complexity and ambiguity. This also allowed my work to mimic the intimacy and uniqueness of each mind specific to one’s own body. By using video medium it provides visual scope and reinterpretation on something that has never been defined.

This year’s practice orientated itself around a narrative that began with Interminable illustrating the emotions of a trapped mind inside the body. As the video projections progress we follow the journey of the mind as it slowly becomes more and more isolated from the body, therefore stressing itself as one entity.