Charlotte Rimmer

Happy Inc

Happy Inc is a film installation comprising of three projectors that explores the idea of happiness through a visual and auditory onslaught of performative work, text and images. Happy Inc looks at the concept of ‘happy’ as a social construct and the way in which we subsequently perceive that our happiness should be experienced and portrayed through the pressure of the media and other social standards. Throughout the film gender roles present within this experience of emotion are explored by the subjects, as well as the idea that one must constantly seek to meet certain social standards, and the push to meet the media demands of happy; perfect body, diet, lifestyle etc. The film also questions how much of our happiness is given by our ability to appear happy outwardly, and how often it is that we seek to better ourselves only for the eyes of others.

The reoccurring message in the piece asks us to ‘look inside’ which exists as a metaphor for the ultimate human question of purpose, of our endless search for happiness and validation in evermore demanding society.