Charlotte Gyetvai


In my practice I work with a variety of different formats, concentrating mainly on painting. This is in addition to woodwork, installation, photography and video. Over the past year of my degree, my work has used the design formats of IKEA as the starting point for a series of paintings, objects and installations. I replay a room’s most basic form as block structures, abstracting prominent shapes and recontextualising fabric patterns. More recently however, my practice has shifted after experiencing a terror attack. This event has not only shifted my outlook, but my practice too, evolving my art into something more political. My works have also been looking at ways in which people feel detached from horrific news stories, the psychology behind going through a trauma, society, and modern culture. My work is informed by Hilma Af Klint, James Turrell, Matthew Brannon, Jessica Stockholder and Henri Matisse. Collectively these artists share a vivid use of intense colours, shapes and abstraction throughout their work, which I draw on.

The work SHOWROOM 3.0 is an immersive installation of an IKEA showroom. The audience can sit down and watch one of my films in the living area and then they can walk through to the open plan kitchen. The wallpaper, which covers one of the walls have the appearance of being bright and geometric however when you look more closely it appears more sinister, there are also small-framed artworks dotted around this reflects the IKEA aesthetic. The rug painted directly onto the floor mirrors the overall abstract piece. The lighting and sound create a warm and inviting environment.