Caterina Proietti

Body Language

In my practical work my ideas were evoked by the objectification and the entrapment of the female figure in art and advertising, that remains commonplace. The media continues to degrade women by reducing them to merely their body parts and connect them with the emblematic act of serving and domesticity in general, in the same way a woman is expected to serve male desires. Through my artworks I have taken a literal approach in demonstrating how women are inevitably associated with the gender stereotypes, domestic roles and objects in an exploitative fashion, increasing amount of flesh and exposing typical traits of beauty.

I have been producing several mixed media collages that lack modesty, consisting of a selection of boring, mundane objects, such as mops, cleaning products and machines and juxtaposed these images by contrasting them with the bare female physique, that I have subsequently superimposed. Throughout some of my pieces I have adopted a cartoon style when making the woman part of the furniture, imprinting them with the clichéd roles that can’t be escaped and sing provocative imagery just like advertisers use as part of a marketing technique in order to sell products, or heavily altering them on Photoshop to ‘fit in’ to the confined set of narrow standards set by the media; the false pretence of beauty. In my pieces the image focuses on the woman’s societal role rather than what lies beneath.

I collected inspiration from the likes of Sanja Ivekovic and Martha Rosler, who both use collage to place the female where she is stereotypically found. Sanja disconnects the viewer from the persuasive messages of product advertising by adding black vertical bars over the images creating a critical detachment from the ‘sweet’ violence of media society.