Axel Mañasco

four walls and a door

My work revolves around the idea of the infra-thin, looking at how one concept starts and the other ends, investigating the transformation of an object. I aim to explore the imperceptible boundaries, theoretical or physical between two points. Looking at how purpose is given to art works and what transforms an everyday object into a landmark in contemporary art. This year I have focused on one of Duchamp’s most important concepts. This is the artistic process and how he sees it as being ‘Art’. That is to say, between the idea by the artist and the physical inception of a piece. Large scale and hollow structures have been two key elements in my work visually. My particular motivations are to explore the relationship between the interior and exterior of objects and more recently what lies in-between. When it comes to my installations and sculptures I’m eager to show the barebones of a structure, which normally goes unappreciated. My sculptures are designed to exemplify hollowness and being unfit for purpose. This exposure forces the viewer to rethink what the purpose is for the particular item in front of them. An example of one such piece is ‘Table’. Found object art has become common so I took this idea further by repurposing materials from one of my older works.